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New Logo

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 8:37 pm

We just completed our new logo, and while it won’t be posted to our website anytime soon (complicates the home page formatting), we will begin to show it on our business cards and other advertising.

While we were satisfied with our old logo, a dove, we thought we could improve upon this to make the logo “say” a little more about our greeting card business.

To create the logo, we focused on three words, and things that that symbolize or represent each word.  The words and their symbols are:

  • Sent – world or globe, wheel, mailbox.  Because, as Christians, we have the responsibility to fulfill the great commission (go into the world…), and because our cards are sent all over the world, a picture of the earth seemed appropriate.  A wheel also seemed fitting, so to speak, as it indicates transportation or movement, and this relates to our product – greeting cards that are mailed for you.  We got the idea for using a circle or wheel around the logo from reviewing many automobile logos, and noticing that a number have a circle in them.  The mailbox also represents the mailing of something, which is what we do, and we liked the idea of using an old-fashioned mailbox for something different.  Of these images, we settled on using the front side of a mailbox.
  • Him – dove
  • Cards – stamp, envelope, greeting, mailbox.  With mailbox being a contender for this word and the Sent one above, that gave us another reason to focus on using it in our logo.

After reviewing all of the images above that relate to our business, we decided to use the front of a mailbox to indicate the mailing of something (in our case, a greeting card), a dove to symbolize or represent the Christian aspect of our business, and the words Sent for Him below the mailbox.  We also added our tag line: “Faith-based, family-friendly greeting cards for less” to the logo.  We hope you like our new logo.


Only 2% of Christmas cards are Christian-themed

Posted on Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 at 2:49 am

We just read a December 21, 2012 article on The Drum, and learned that only 2% of Christmas cards this season have a Christian theme.   Can you believe it?

We’ve long known that Christmas has become commercialized, but didn’t realize the extent to which the lack of Christmas was reflected in Christmas greeting cards.

What, you ask, can be done about this?

Well, from a selfish standpoint, customers can order Christmas cards from our site, as all of our Christmas cards contain a Bible verse, and all have a Christian message.

And, to make our Christmas cards more affordable, we plan to reduce the size of our Christmas cards – to 4.25″ by 5.5″ – in order to reduce our cost per card. With a slightly lower cost, we can slightly lower our price per card.

In addition, we plan to sell them in boxes of 12, and will offer a discounted price per card on this size of order.

Last, we plan to offer Christmas cards with a blank space on the front page, where your photo (that you email to us) can be inserted.  These cards will still have a Christian message, but include the image you email to us.

We hope you like the changes we plan to make to our Christmas cards.


Paperless Post

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 2:32 pm

We just learned that Paperless Post, a popular website that allows you to send electronic cards with a personalized message, now sells paper cards too.  While this creates more competition for us, we believe competition is good.  Sending paper cards via the web is something we have embraced for five years, and believe more and more customers will find this to be easy and convenient.  We encourage you to try Paperless Post greeting cards (the paper kind) and compare them to ours…then let us know which ones you prefer.

Greeting card sets now available for busy shoppers

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 at 2:20 pm

For busy shoppers who want a pre-selected inventory of cards that can be used for multiple occasions, we have just the right solution for you – our assorted sets of cards.

We recently added two assorted sets to our lineup, with plans to add a third shortly.  One set includes 9 assorted cards, which we refer to as the “Brady Bunch,” and the other includes 20 cards, which represents a year’s worth of cards excluding holiday cards.  Each contains some of our favorite and most popular cards in various categories, with the 20-set including Adult Birthday, Humorous Birthday, Child Birthday, Anniversary, Thinking of You, Thank You, Get Well and Sympathy cards.

The third set, available only on, is our popular-selling Set of Seven. This set includes seven cards with sheep images, and a short story about an exciting sheep race. Each card has one paragraph of the story, so you must buy the entire set to read the story.  Like a fable, the story has characters that talk, and includes a moral lesson.  We know of no other greeting card company that offers a bonus like this on the back of their greeting cards.