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Sent for Him featured on The Blaze (Glenn Beck’s website)

Posted on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 4:21 am

A kind journalist from The Blaze (Glenn Beck’s website) wrote a brief article about our business and another faith-based business.  The article can be found here:



Example of how we create a greeting card (Birthday Adult: Autumn)

Posted on Sunday, September 9th, 2012 at 12:28 am

I wanted to give you a quick summary of the process I recently followed to create an adult birthday card, Autumn, that was posted on September 8, 2012.  This card took approximately four hours to create.

Front page:

  • Image – we had hired popular Canadian artist Beatrice Favereau to create an image that we could use for a birthday in the fall season. Her image included a pumpkin and leaves, etc., and was in a 4X6 size per our specifications.  This image was the starting point for our card.  I decided to slightly reduce the size of the image and add a border to the right side of the page.  I also wanted enough space to add a Bible verse at the bottom of the card.  As a result, I positioned the image in the center-left part of the card, and closer to the top than the bottom.
  • Border – I experimented with a variety of colors for the right border using colors in Beatrice’s image (in cards that do not have an image from an artist, I often rely upon various color schemes in Adobe Illustrator).  My initial border took up about 1/4 of the page, and I then decided to reduce it to devote more space to the image.
  • Line – I initially added a thin red line to separate the image from the border, but then decided that a straight line was inconsistent with the image itself, which contains a number of curved lines and an indication of blowing leaves.  As a result, I created a curved line in Adobe Illustrator and pasted it into Photoshop, which is the program I had been using to create the card.  After pasting the line onto the border, some of the border showed to the left of the line, so I used the eraser in Photoshop to ensure the border was curved with the line.
  • Word (Autumn) – the border alone seemed too plain, so I decided to add a word in vertical format.  A second image, such as flowers along the border, was not needed, as it would detract from the primary image and possibly clutter the front of the card.  I selected the word “autumn” rather than “harvest” and then experimented with several types of fonts before deciding upon Gigi.  This font has curved aspects to it, which is consistent with the curve items in the image.
  • Verse – we use Bible Works 5.0 to find appropriate Bible verses for our cards.  I searched for the words “autumn” (which I didn’t think would be in the Bible, but searched for it anyway) and “season” in this program.  Upon reading verses with the word “season,” I began to think that one with the word “harvest” would work for our card, and selected one that included this word plus a comment about doing good things.  Since we want our cards to be uplifting and complimentary, I thought that “doing good” could be an important part of the message that I would later write.
  • Tone/Shade – our draft of the front image was done, but the colors seemed a little dark to me (plus, printing dark colors uses a lot of ink, which leads to a higher cost and sale price for a card).  After flattening the image, I lighted up the yellowish background color and then did the same with the word “autumn” as it was in the same color.

Inside page:

  • message part 1: understanding the Bible verse – although I knew I wanted to say something about “doing good” based upon the Bible verse I had selected, I had not yet developed a clear idea for the main message.  To better understand the meaning of the verse, I skimmed through the first five chapters of Galatians and took a few notes. I then consulted Matthew Henry’s complete commentary on Galatians 6:9-10.  Based upon this, I decided that my message should focus on the blessings one would receive from the Lord based upon doing good to others, especially other believers.
  • message part 2: incorporating words associated with the fall season into the message – with a fall image, I googled for words that are typically associated with the fall season, and wrote down these: autumn, season, chill, cool, crisp, leaves, warm, welcoming, gold, path, trail, woods, forest, pumpkin, rich and blustery.  Seeing a few patterns among these words (several starting with same letter), I decided to include some of this repetition in the message, and other words from the list.  In the end, I incorporated: autumn, season, warm, welcoming, cool, crisp and rich(ly).  I also wanted to include the word “harvest” from the Bible verse.
  • message part 3: draft versions – before I attempt to write a message for a card, I typically say a quick prayer (with a plead for help) and often take a 10 -15 minute stroll along a trail in our neighborhood when I can be alone in a quiet environment, and do some brainstorming plus more praying.  For some messages, I have to take several strolls before I know what I want to write.  When I wrote a draft message for this card, I ended up with two paragraphs – an introductory paragraph with the repetition I had wanted (warm and welcoming, cool and crisp) and a second one about blessings for doing good.  I typically don’t have two paragraphs, so I tried to revise the comments and fold them into one paragraph.  I made a few more minor revisions to finalize the message.