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About Us


My wife and I created this Christian greeting card company in 2008 after we began to notice an increasing number of inappropriate cards being sold in discount stores. In our view, too many cards today have PG-13 or R-rated humor and content, and are not family-friendly. We thought we could fill this growing void by offering quality, family-friendly cards, and at an affordable price.  In addition, given that most people are very busy today, we wanted to make it easy for people to buy and send a real card anytime of the day or night.  As a result, we created a website that allows people to customize their card with a message, sign it, and have it mailed within one business day! 

We sell most of our cards directly from our website, but we currently offer them in one retail store in Colorado Springs, and hope to offer them in more stores going forward.     

How do Sent for Him greeting cards differ from other greeting cards?

Each Sent for Him card is family friendly, and most include a Bible verse.  

Also, we hired professional artist Linda Yew from Singapore to design a number of humorous looking sheep images for our cards. Our Sheep cards, including Sheep Doctor and Swinging Sheep, are our most popular selling cards. 

What else is unique about your business?

Our business is family owned and operated.

As a Christian business, we donate 10% of our revenues to charitable organizations.  Feel free to contact us to find out which organizations we have supported in the past.   

Why did you name your company Sent for Him?

The legal name of our company is Birthdaycardtogo, LLC, but the marketing name is Sent for Him. 

We believe the Lord wanted us to create this company, for whatever good reason He had in mind, and we believe that everything we do should be for Him. 


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Thank You
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Favorite Artists
Cindy El-Sharouni
Beatrice Favereau
Reveille Kennedy
Elroy Osborne
Curt Walstead
Linda Yew
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